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now that I’ve learned that IDEA is the most expensive thing in the world, I can’t help but thinking, how am I going to capture all ideas coming out from my mind? honestly speaking, I am now struggling to practice all principles that I’ve learned from the books I read. and now I realized that it is not a matter of how many books I read but how much effort I took to apply things that I read.

first thing came to my mind is writing a journal. this is probably because it is the easiest thing to do and the importance of maintaining a journal has been repetitively mentioned by Jim Rohn in his speeches and books. obviously blog can be my journal but I don’t think you all want to read my very specific daily activities and ridiculous ideas of mine, right?

so, what is the purpose of writing a journal? to jot down the lessons that life has taught us and how we contributed to our day.

if life is worth living, then it’s worth recording

yet, to write a proper journal is not that easy. according to Tony Robbins, there are 3 questions that you have to ask yourself before you retire for the day. and the answers to these 3 questions have to be written down in your journal as entries.

  1. what have I given today? in what way have you been a giver today? what goes around, comes around. every successful person on this planet has achieved great many things because they are go-givers, rather than go-getters. your entry can be something like a major act of kindness, trained somebody and etc. the more answers you find to this question, the more returns are on it’s way to you.
  2. what did I learn today? remember, each and every one of us is an ETERNAL student. learning is lifelong, jot down whatever comes to your mind. more the answers to this question, more keen your observation skills.
  3. how has today added to the quality of my life? everyday that you live should be unique in some way. it’s about designing a worthy lifestyle. the answer to this question could be something significant like taking your family out for a wonderful dinner, buying something important, etc. the more you can add to this, the more it shows on how well you are designing your life.

my idea journal has 8 elements: spirituality, self enrichment, skill development, attitudes & habits, leadership, adding values, health and financial

why is the journal so important? as we go through the day, each experience may spark off different ideas. regardless of how we think of them, they should be written down in our idea journal. so that our passing thoughts/ideas are not just discarded but can be evaluated for their worth and value. what may seem unreachable at the moment, may not be so in the future especially as we keep growing and learning.

as this has been shared, I’ve decided to start my own idea journal. some of you may want to ask, “what? you mean  you never have one?!” and here I am answering your question, “I used to have it but I never actually maintain it properly. so all I have is buku conteng“. hopefully I can execute well on this good habit every single day as I managed to set my personal goals every single year.

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