are you happy enough?

just now I was having a chat with my ex-colleague, Abigail and according to her, she was transferred to Kuala Penyu a few months before. when I asked about the place, she is happy with her new workplace but didn’t comfortable to stay with her grandparents. well.. common reason for me. a single and young woman, living with old people, I believe you can imagine how difficult it would be, right?
but, that’s LIFE. LIFE is not fair. when you think you have almost all the things that you wanted in your life, suddenly you realized, something does not work right. 
LIFE is full of challenges. it is all about making a choice and taking an action. as for me, I always choose to think positively. when I have trouble, I believe that some people out there are having more challenges than what I have. I believe that whatever happens today is because the choice or action that I took previously.

When you get to work in the morning, is it where you want to be? 
And when you go home at night, is that where you feel good and safe? 
Being able to answer yes to both questions is the key to happiness, success and wealth.
~ Connie Podesta ~

do not ever run from your problems because when you managed to solve them, you are becoming someone new, someone who is better than the previous you.

yes, it is possible for you to be happy. why happy? because, when you are happy, you will have the energy you need to achieve great success and acquire wealth in your life. according to Connie Podesta, you will only get happiness when you are happy with your career and your personal life. so, are you?

in your office, are you enjoy doing your work? or.. you tend to turn to your watch and cannot wait to go back home? well.. if you are not happy with your career, it is your responsible to discover your passion and make an effort to do something about it. why are you still there? is anybody drag you from your bed early in the morning and drive you to work? nobody right? so if you don’t like your job, quit! don’t be stupid!

how about your personal life? how about your relationship with your family and friends? it is important for you to be comfortable to stay in your house. no matter whoever live with you, always have a good relationship with them, especially if they are your own family. if you are not comfortable with them, move out! keep finding a place that suit you.
at the end of the day, you have to accept that whatever happen in your LIFE, it is because of you. you are the one who made that choice, you are the one who took that action. do not ever blame others. you are responsible for your own happiness.

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