why I am rarely blogging recently?

other than the word “busy”, I will explain the other why. because… I am now worked in gov sector so I’m no longer free to put my dissatisfaction or frustration feeling in this blog. of course there are so many things to complain about, but I choose to play safe. I got my beloved son and husband maaa.. nanti masuk jail, sape susah? me and my family la hoh?! that’s why I’m trying to control the content of this blog for such reason.
anyway, just for quick updates, currently my portfolio is Office Automation System. this system already got several modules inside such as: e-meeting & sisef and they were developed by this guy (don’t want to mention his name here). in other words, I am now handling other people’s system and I believed you know what it feels like. as for me, I wish to have my own product, originally created by me, so that, when other people start shooting me with a negative or bold argument, I can easily answer or assist them using my knowledge. I’m not saying that that system is too bad for me, but a lot of things need to be improved and I don’t know where to start. one thing I know for sure, I have to learn almost everything in order to feel comfortable in this new place.
ok la, think that’s enough for my ‘boring’ part… let’s talk about my son.
he is now 6 months and 3 weeks old. things he can do:
  1. rolls over in both directions 
  2. eating solid food such as cereal and baby bites. I tried to give him rice porridge, but he refused to swallow it.
  3. passes objects from hand to hand
  4. drags objects towards him
  5. do babbles such as ‘ohh..’, ‘ahh..’, ‘tuii..’, ‘prrr…’, sometimes he can suddenly pronounce the word ‘nenen..’ when hungry
  6. bergendang atas meja or any solid interface
I’m looking forward to see his ability to sit without support. last week, he poops very frequent, 4 to 6 times a day. of course la risau, but based on other people’s experiences, he is reducing his weight so that he can learn the new skill which is ‘sitting’. works and daily routines sometimes can turn you down, but for me, it will easily gone when I have the opportunity to see my son’s ability developed day by day. even if it just a small thing, but I really want to be involved in each and every single thing he learned. and this makes me think, why people dare to throw away their baby after giving birth? that people is really not human!

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6 Responses

  1. sapphire says:


    waaa..daniel dah makin comel sekarang nie..best plak baca tentang dia..
    haha..masi kekejutan lagi?? biasa la tu..aku pun dlu camtu jugak..sblm nie suka ati jak mo buat apa..tpi since dah jdi gomen servant nie..byk yg kna jaga..haha..
    umah baru korang di mana? dekat UMS ka jugak? nwei..njoy reading ur blog^^

  2. Laurah Misaha says:


    ya bah, macam nda best plak kalau nda dapat komplen banyak2. hahaha.. rumah baru kami di Inanam juga, di City Apartment dekat Restaurant Gaya Sport. tapi bulan depan baru tinggal di sana. kalau sudah tinggal dekat restaurant, alamat makan luar jak la ni nanti. hahahaha..

  3. Coffee for Success says:

    Ya bah, not best crita pasal keraja. Eee cute betul tu budak. Bila uncle Willie boleh main sama dia ni?

  4. Laurah Misaha says:

    nanti la willie.. kami pindah rumah dulu, susun2 barang kasi cantik2.. baru jemput kamu datang kio.. hehe..

  5. jr banting says:

    Tengok..dia punya muka tauk..oi..sama macam atuknya…
    kirin salam untuk keluarga…

  6. ibumadeeha says:

    terima kasih sebab sudi melawat-lawat di sini. hehe.. kirim salam juga untuk family di sana.

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