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as usual, this article I read from Baby Center on how to teach your baby to sleep through the night. huhu… very excited to put it here because I also struggled with this problem. ermm.. sesape yang dah ada baby tu mungkin akan faham dengan mudah, tapi sesape yang belum berpengalaman, maybe good for you to know, it’s not easy to make your baby sleep soundly through the night. so, according to this article, there are two methods.

Method #1: Cry It Out (CIO)
First, wait until your baby is physically and emotionally ready to sleep through the night, usually between 4 and 6 months of age. Ferber doesn’t designate a precise age at which to begin his technique, since it can vary so much depending on the child.
If you’re not sure whether your baby’s ready, you can always give it a try. If you encounter too much resistance, wait a few weeks and try again.
Step 1
Put your baby in his crib when he’s sleepy but still awake.
Step 2
Say goodnight to your child and leave the room. If he cries when you leave, let him cry for a predetermined amount of time. (See “How long should I leave my child alone?” below.)
Step 3
Go back into the room for no more than a minute or two to pat and reassure your baby. Leave the light off and keep your voice quiet and soothing. Don’t pick him up. Leave again while he’s still awake, even if he’s crying.
Step 4
Stay out of the room for a little bit longer than the first time and follow the same routine, staying out of the room for gradually longer intervals, each time returning for only a minute or two to pat and reassure him, and leaving while he’s still awake.
Step 5
Follow this routine until your child falls asleep when you’re out of the room.
Step 6
If your child wakes up again later, follow the same routine, beginning with the minimum waiting time for that night and gradually increasing the intervals between visits until you reach the maximum for that night.
Step 7
Increase the amount of time between visits to the nursery each night. In most cases, according to Ferber, your baby will be going to sleep on his own by the third or fourth night — a week at the most. If your child is very resistant after several nights of trying, wait a few weeks and then try again.
How long should I leave my child alone?
In his book, Ferber suggests these intervals:
  • First night: Leave for three minutes the first time, five minutes the second time, and ten minutes for the third and all subsequent waiting periods.
  • Second night: Leave for five minutes, then ten minutes, then 12 minutes.
  • Make the intervals longer on each subsequent night.
Keep in mind that there’s nothing magical about these waiting periods. You can choose any length of time you feel comfortable with.
Method #2: No Tears
If you don’t like the idea of leaving your baby to cry alone — or you’ve tried CIO methods and they didn’t work for you — you may want to consider a more gradual approach that involves fewer tears. The idea is that bedtime offers an opportunity to connect with your child by developing quiet, cozy nighttime rituals and by quickly responding to your baby’s requests for food and comfort.
Sleep experts who support the CIO approach disagree. They say it isn’t traumatic for babies to cry alone for short periods of time with frequent check-ins by Mom or Dad — and the end result is a well-rested, happier child. They say no-tears sleep strategies may cause babies to be overly dependent on comfort from a parent at bedtime, making it harder for them to learn to soothe themselves to sleep.
after reading this article, I would like to try method #1 when daniel is ready for it. all this while, I’ve been using method #2 and I think, it’s time to change.

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