DON’T read this if you are not PHP programmer!!

so it begins when big boss instructed me to conduct a demo for SISEF on this coming 05th March. demo?! as usual, nervous la.. furthermore, I didn’t know anything about this system and it was developed by my colleague (not important to mention his name here). after the meeting, me and the colleague discussed again about the system, he gave me all materials I need and it looks like, I will be in-charged on this system effective from yesterday. well, a bit relief because it has been used by my department and hopefully this new user don’t have any complicated idea on how to enhance the existing system.

but, before the demo, my boss wanted me to improve the system, which is to add 3 more additional functions inside (also no need to mention them one by one here). it also means that I need to learn the code in order for me to amend any command. no big deal, rite?! just keep learning..

so, I started my mission yesterday, around 10 am. the code, waaa.. very messy lor but, I’m not that surprise because I have been warned about it. 
actually, I don’t understand, why people like to use framework to do programming. orite, the main reason is.. it’s faster, no need to re-type the same script over and over again. but, hello… you can use some other ways to speed up your productivity maa.. for me, using framework will only make your system consists of many files. for example, to create and process a registration form, you can put the code in 1 file only bah, why need 3 files? the more files you have, the more works you have to do when you want to amend something. of course, it’s also time consuming!
but.. say no more. my mission here is finding solutions, not complaining.
step by step, I discovered where to find certain files in a certain folder. so, I started amending certain query and certain command.
then, I realized, some part of the script is using a very advance mysql query. hahaha.. poor me, my current mysql version is 4.1. I tried to download the latest version of Xampp, but my laptop said, it will take about 8 hours to complete the download. what?! frustrated, I clicked the abort button and planned to download it at home. (p/s: this is not my own laptop so, I’m not going to install too many advance software inside.)
so, today, I’m so motivated to continue my work. first of all, I just need to re-install the latest Xampp to get the latest mysql version. installation runs smoothly.. after that, I opened the system. whoopss! error messages displayed here and there. I noticed that it has something to do with the php.ini file. I need to enable some setting, but actually, I hate to do it! simply because, it was advisable not to disturb the file…
“you should do your best to write your scripts so that they do not require to change php.ini setup, otherwise your system can easily lead to possible security problems, if the code is not very well thought of.” – dedicated to my colleague.
unfortunately, I don’t know why I can’t make any changes on the php.ini file. of course I can edit and save the file, but I still get the same error, even after several times restarting my Apache server. please don’t tell me to ask Mr. Google. of course la, that’s always the first choice I have!
my neighbor (also not important to mention his name here) keep influencing me to use Wamp. he said, with Wamp, you can easily enable or disable certain PHP setting. cis, like I don’t know! I used that software during my degree maaa… of course la I know!! hahaha.. 
1 hour later.. frustrated again when I still can’t figured out the solution and have to let myself influenced by him. after installing Wamp, another error occurred!! this time it is something to do with the eregi() function. as mentioned in the forum, it always happens to PHP Version 5.3 users. errmmm.. tak habis2!!
finally.. 12.15pm.. errors cleaned!! and it’s already lunch time. what’s a very unproductive day!! but, never mind.. for me, it’s a learning process! moral of the story are.. 
  1. please upgrade your software and get the latest version
  2. please write your scripts as secure as possible
p/s: whoopss!! got headache? I warned you, this entry is for programmers only.

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  1. Mrs Hairina says:

    uiks..mmg aku mls mau bace smpi abis pn.. 1. aku bkn php programmer dh.. 2. aku bekas php programmer, tu pn mase blajo.. 3. pjg sgt la entri ko kali ni lola.. hehehehe… jgn mare… hehe

  2. Laurah Misaha says:

    sebab tu hanya untuk PHP programmer yang memahami. hahahaha…

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