welcoming 2010

today is the second day of 2010. this morning started with a very negative feelings. huh.. for me, it’s already settled down and don’t want to think of it anymore. I cried.. yes.. but will make sure it was for the last time. I know there’s a possibility it will happen again, but will never cry again, for the same reason..

today I’m on leave, intentionally to spend more time with my beloved son and hubby. right now, my son is sitting on the cushion while playing with his handkerchief, gurgling, smiling and staring at me. from time to time, I have to re-arrange his seat, he can’t sit properly yet. so kawaaiii..

just few days ago, I realized that my hair was everywhere on the floor. then I noticed my son’s hair also everywhere on his clothes and pillow. I said to my husband, “alamak… rambut dah mulai gugur!”. I’ve been told about it before, by experienced people, but I tried no to believe it until it was happened to me. hahaha.. padan muka! but never mind la, as long as it’s normal, then I don’t need to worry.

so, how was your new year celebration? well, mine.. we celebrate it at Kuala Penyu, my husband’s family gathering was held yesterday. having lots of chit-chat, BBQ and delicious lunch. that’s all, honestly we don’t know how to celebrate it like others do. maybe tonight go jalan2 at 1Borneo. see first la.. kalau ada mood. hahaha.. but it’s good to remember that I managed to achieve some of my Golden Goals 2009. Let’s review it..

  1. read at least 8 great books – completed
  2. write at least 3 book summaries – completed
  3. learn new skills – ermmm.. babysiting. also need a skill maaa…
  4. save money – hahaha.. this is hard. but will never give-up
  5. buy a house – 90% completed
  6. buy furnitures for my house – 70% completed
ermm.. not bad huh?! now I’m still thinking of my Golden Goals 2010. starting with a scratch as below:
  1. continuosly read good books and work hard on my personal development
  2. learn new skills
  3. save money
  4. buy a second house
  5. buy more furnitures for my house
hahaha.. can’t think of any new goals now, but will update it soon. I have to go, my baby started to cry, feeling bored already. chow..

Is it normal to lose hair after giving birth?

Expert Answers

All new moms experience hair loss, though some lose more than others.

Here’s why it happens. During pregnancy, changes in your hormone levels cause your hair to stay in a resting phase for longer, so you lose less hair on a daily basis. (You may have noticed that your hair seemed thicker than usual.)

After you’ve given birth and your hormones have settled down — usually at about 12 weeks after delivery — more hair shifts into a shedding phase. You may be alarmed to find hair coming out by the handful.

Normally, you lose about 100 to 125 hairs a day, but after delivery, you may be losing about 500 a day. This can be very disturbing, but try not to worry too much — you won’t go bald!

Sandra Johnson dermatologist

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