the power of TIME

time.. how do you spend your time? each and everyone of us have 24 hours a day but it depends on us how to use it. it’s like money la bah.. some people can buy many things with RM 1, but some people can only buy a thing with it. time is gold, I believe you are familiar with that phrase. time is money.. aaa.. this is a new interpretation of time. but gold can be converted into money, so it’s actually just the same.

so, how can you make money from your time? do you need to buy more watches or clocks to generate more money? hahaha.. that’s funny, if you do that, you will only spend your money unwisely. some people believed that if they work long hours, they will earn more income. this is not funny huh? many people caught up with this believe and that’s why they are still have not enough money.

actually, in order to generate more money, you need to do investment in your time. of course, they are no bank in the world to save your time. really.. you can’t save time. it will always move on and never wait for you. manage your time wisely and spend more time on your personal development. when you work hard on yourself, you are actually adding values to yourself, then the more valuable you will become. in this case, automatically your paycheck will increase because it is not about how long you work, but how much you can contribute to the market place. that’s why, you can see, some people earned RM 8 per hour, but some earned RM 200 per hour. now you knew why you don’t have enough money while the others do?

first thing you need to do is to sharpen your skill, develop it by continuous learning. most of us like to neglect this. it’s because we felt that we don’t have enough time to open the books, to do researches or to meet our mentors. learning is an on going process and it’s very easy to be neglected. most of university’s students said, “owh.. I don’t want to learn anymore. I have learned enough at university. now, it’s time for me to get a high salary.” errrr.. hopefully you are not one of them.

I encourage you to read the book, written by Brian Tracy, “Eat that Frog”. hahaha.. it’s not about how to eat a frog or how to cook it, but it’s about 21 great ways to stop procrastinating and get more done in less time. in that book, he said that people are struggling to manage their time. but time is actually unmanageable. in other words, how can you manage your time when you can’t even stop it? the only thing you can do is to manage your daily routine so that, your time was invested wisely.

so, why time? are they no other topic?

actually, I admit that I’m also struggling with time. after married and then, having a baby, everything was changed. it seems like I don’t have enough time, but I knew, I cannot say that because I believe everyone of us have the same amount of time. it just a matter of self-discipline. hehehe.. the thing is, the older you get, the more harder for you to discipline yourself. you know why? because you don’t want to leave your bad habits that can only waste your time, you live with it for a very long time and saying goodbye is not an easy step. don’t spoilt yourself! if you realized you need to change, then do it! you can do it, everyone can do it. I knew, I can do it also..

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