so much to do, so little time..

okay.. 1.. 2.. 3.. surprise!! hahaha.. guess what? I’m still working there.. eventually, they didn’t manage to find a replacement for me. I don’t know when it will happen, but for sure, as long as they haven’t find it, every Saturday my status will be ‘on call’. ceh… macam nurse plak rase! hahaha.. they want me to be their consultant. ermm.. tak faham la, consultant ni keje dia camne?

anyway, back to the topic. why am I still here, what am I doing here? apalagi kalau bukan kerana ELeave system tu, need to be upgraded ASAP. ceh.. leceh la. asek2 tukar memorandum, tukar policy. well.. I won’t surprise if it will be a never-ending story. maybe they thought it just a minor changes, but actually 60% of the existing system was effected. ermmm.. pernah dengar tak, staff only entitled to apply 8 Public Holidays in a year? I think, this is the first ELeave system that have that kind of feature. so, who want to own this system for their degree/ master final project? anybody? yuhuuu…
hopefully… I really2 hope, tomorrow I will finish uploading, entering, debugging and so on. still, two more small tasks with status ‘pending’ and seemed to be very loyal waiting on my desk. huhu.. sabar peminat, yang di minati takkan ke mana2…

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