my golden goals 2010

so, these are my goals for this year. after cracking my head to think about it for 3 days, finally I’m done. hahaha..
  1. to continually work hard on my personal development
  2. to grow my skills and performances
  3. to develop my leadership skills
  4. to learn new skill (maybe swimming)
  5. to earn more income
  6. to save invest money (started already, but need to invest more)
  7. to buy more furniture for my house (continuation from 2009)
  8. to buy family life insurance
  9. to buy education insurance for my son
  10. to implement family planning
  11. to see my son successful in his life
  12. to buy my second house (asset)
waaa… so many goals to achieved. all I need to do is to keep positive, perseverance, discipline and be smart. what I have learned, first of all, I need to get my life to be more organized. really.. this pregnant stuff and then having baby, it really kacau my life’s alignment a bit. I’m not complaining the reality, but this is it. I have to do something about it.

if you want to get better result, you must do something differently. keep finding a ways that work, never give up! You will never make it if you just sit around and do nothing.

so, you guys.. today is the 5th day of the year. if you still can’t figure out what is your goal for this year, please read the following list. hopefully you’ll get something from it and I would be very happy if it can help you to improve your life.

  1. expand your thinking daily with new experience
  2. write letter to at least 3 people per year, what they mean to you
  3. commit to fitness
  4. invest in financial freedom
  5. write 101 life goals
  6. do volunteer work
  7. add value to someone/ customer daily
  8. do something remarkable to your customer
  9. increase awareness of your thoughts
  10. write a personal mission statement
  11. schedule family time
  12. find a mentor
  13. start a journal/ notebook
  14. listen to motivational tape
  15. read 30 minutes in a day
  16. reduce exposure to negative
  17. apply 80/20 rule to increase productivity
  18. do something that scares you
  19. practice the art of giving
  20. communicate and connect with family and colleagues
above is actually the list of “things to do in a year”. it should be an ongoing activities that you can do to make your life more valuable. people said, it’s not about how long you will live, but how well you live. hopefully this year will be a breakthrough for all of us. have a good day, friends..

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