let’s talk about money..

received this email today with a title “can a family man with salary RM 3,000 survive in Malaysia?” ermm… something to ponder upon. so, can you?

so, this is just my humble opinion. for me, in terms of money, it will never be enough for us! if I have RM 5K, then my life will be much better.. familiar with that phrase? maybe it’s a human nature, when you get more, you will spend more, but the secret is.. save before you spend and save more than what you spend.
stop buying things you don’t need
with money you don’t have
to impress people that don’t matter

like I said, this topic is very subjective. you are welcome to voice out your opinion.

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2 Responses

  1. Mrs Hairina says:

    wah.. mmg xcukup laa.. mn nk cukup.. tu x masuk maintenance kete lg tuh.. bil spital or clinic in case ade pape.. tu pn dgr2 nye byk bende akan naik harge in June 2010… camne laaa.. gaji 5k pn.. rasenye mmg xcukup… lg beso gaji.. lg beso keperluannye… huhuhu… aku rase aaa…

  2. Laurah Misaha says:

    hehe.. thanks, mchye.. memang tak cukup kan.. skang kalau nak kawen, kena cari wife yang ade skill gak. tak belajar tinggi2 pun takpe, yang penting bole bantu husband cari duit.

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