how to keep your memories?

finally… these are the pictures taken during my last day in BET. click here to read more.
There are three things to leave behind: your photographs, your library and your personal journals. These things are certainly going to be more valuable to future generations than your furniture!
I love the above quote from Jim Rohn. he did mention about photographs and that’s why, after taking a lot of time to think and save money, we managed to buy the Panasonic Lumix TZ7. hehehe… happy lor.. after this, can take more pictures!!

anyway, yesterday we went to Papar to attend an engagement reception of our friends, dayang sabrina. ermm.. first time plak tengok majlis pertunangan yang semeriah itu. maybe because she is the oldest in her family or that’s just adat orang Papar. so, pictures taken as below. enjoy…

majlis ‘perbincangan’ dah bermula kat dalam, sesak giler!! kitorang malas nak menyibuk, duduk kat luar jer lah..
aleesa pun tak tahan duduk kat dalam. meh.. join kitorang lepak kat luar. baby daniel looks sleepy oledi.
ok la, daniel. take your time to sleep.
I don’t wan to sleep la, umi.. want to eat kuih kelupis!! 
hahaha..  mostly found in Papar area.
so ni lah member kitorang yang bertunang tu. syukur.. dah selesai pun acara hari ni. majlisnya bile?
finally.. he slept soundly..
arrived home at 6.00 pm, penatnye.. sempat singgah Karamunsing, beli baby chair for daniel. eksen la tu, dapat kerusi baru..

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  1. nor_Syahada says:

    comelnya daniel!!! eee..geram!! kiss from aunty sha. muah! muah!

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