daniel with his new ‘toys’

they are soothers, actually. since he keep sucking and biting things, we have decided to buy that toys for him. well.. you know, anything he can reach will go inside his mouth. kesian la tengok.. maybe gusi dia gatal kut. so, this is the moment when he is receiving the toys.

these are the toys, 3 different shapes and colors
ermmm.. new things to bite. I wonder how’s it taste?
(staring at the object)
owh, I know, I know.. to answer my question, I need to put it inside my mouth. but it’s big oooo…
(opening his big mouth)
nyum nyum nyum… not as yummy as my milk, but it’s soft and very sooth. I guess, it’s a soother!!
(sucking and biting activities started)
okay, that’s the end of the story. oops, before that, please look at the time of this entry, it’s in the middle of the night. again… I have to stay-up all night to refine the eLeave system, because today is my last day in my company. anyway, thank you for reading.. hingga ketemuan lagi ya..

p/s: apsal ketagih sangat blogging ni? ermmm.. maybe because of the new template. it feels like “I’m home..”

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