cloudy rainy sleepy day?

7.30 AM

what?! I’m still on my bed, struggling to open my eyes. it’s so nice to keep sleeping, outside is so cold and still raining. don’t want to work, want to apply emergency leave la.. but.. for what reason aaarr??.. 15 minutes trying to make-up a good story of why I’m unable to go work today. idea please… until 7.45 AM, still thinking. what a waste of time! wake-up wake-up.. suddenly, I realized, I’m brushing my teeth in my bathroom, get ready to go for work. that’s my morning..

10.00 AM

friday training.. subject: motivate your mind.. waaa.. 50 minutes, soOoO long.. I don’t want to concentrate to take all the important points. I just want to close my eyes…

12.50 PM

having lunch at Giant Food Court. ordered nasi goreng and ayam masak kurma. ermmm.. tak sampai separuh, ahh… full already. but, don’t want to get-up from the chair, don’t want to go back office, want to stay at home, it’s the best time to sleep.

outside still cloudy. ohhh.. my eyes, my eyes.. so sleepy…

4.45 PM

yes, 15 minutes left, then I can go back home. ermm.. need to clean-up my yahoo! mail, got 662 unread messages. hahahaha… but most of them are from Friendster & Facebook. eh, got friend request from my cousin @ childhood friend? since last month plak tu? I did think about her lately, but never thought we will meet at Facebook. waaa.. can’t wait to confirm her request at home.

8.45 PM

most of my colleagues are celebrating Edmund’s farewell party at 1Borneo. activities are bowling and makan2. me? staying at home with hubby while enjoying my pregnancy. hahaha.. takkan la bunting2 pun men bowling kan? well, as usual, today got tuition. after that, baru bole tidur…

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