my golden goals 2009

I intentionally published it here, just want to build a confident and self-esteem in myself. also.. you guys can also be my monitor.. help me to monitor it!! takde niat nak menunjuk2 yerr..
  1. read at least 8 great books
  2. write at least 3 book summaries
  3. learn new skills
  4. save money
  5. buy a house
  6. buy furnitures for my house
Actually, I also want to do some traveling, but since I’m pregnant, I have to delay it first. buy a house always listed in my goals, since I haven’t achieve it. I must put it there even though, I’m still not ready financially. by doing this, it will remind me and push me to achieve it. from what I read, it’s good to state in your list to save money, but it’s also much better to state the exact amount you want to save. but, I don’t want to publish it here, because it’s personal. of course, giving birth should be listed here, but I don’t feel like I want to, since I don’t think it’s a goal. for me, goal is something you can either want to do it or not. giving birth.. I can’t not to do it, right? It’s already became my responsibility. after that, having a baby… then I will have my specific goals for my baby. hopefully, this will clear the air…

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