10 powerful phrases for positive people

#1 I’m wrong
if we can admit our mistakes, it is a sign that we are willing to change and can inspire others to change in positive ways. our admission is a sign of strength – that we can be humble and aren’t too big to admit when we’re wrong. people appreciate humility. nobody likes a know-it-all. I’m wrong is a powerful phrases that can wash away the pain of a strained relationship, move a negotiation forward, end an argument, start a healing process and even turn enemies into friends.

#2 I’m sorry
the ability to say I’m sorry shows that we’re able to see other person’s point of view, that we want to maintain a relationship, and that we are not too big to reach out and see the good in others. being sorry also shows our empathy and humility when we express our condolences for a loss or sympathize with someone’s difficulty.

#3 you can do it
sometimes it’s the only thing that drives a person to accomplish his goal. you never will discover how far you can go if you don’t start doing it. when you develop that ‘can do’ attitude, it all happens, and God will supplies you and begins to give you answers. even if you do it and fail, you have the strength and the courage to know how you did get so that you’re going to try again, or do it differently next time, or take on a new job with greater confidence.

#4 I believe in you
be a believer, be an achiever. we can’t achieve our highest goals without believing in ourselves. we all have tendency for self-doubt. too many people accomplish little more than a list of regrets because they doubted rather than believed – because they decided to listen to the negative opinions of others rather than try for themselves.

#5 I’m proud of you
a human need to be recognized and acknowledged by those who mean the most to them. we want to feel that they are proud of us. when you learn to look for positive things in lives of others, you’ll find it easy to tell them you’re proud of them. it also can enhances people’s self-esteem.

#6 thank you
thank you is an acknowledgement of the other person’s generosity. It recognizes their kindness and the effort that they made for us. we’re often too slow to give thanks and too quick to complain. when thinking about whom to add to our thank-you list, we need to remember each day to thank God in prayer for abundance of His blessings.

#7 I need you
someone needs you. each of us is needed. believe it and tell others.

#8 I trust you
trust is developed through experience. trust means we deliver as promised. to have the most positive influence when telling someone we trust them, we must protect our own reputation for being trustworthy. we need trust as our personal, unwritten contract in our families, marriages, workplaces and communities.

#9 I respect you
you earn respect by showing respect. once we begin to look for the positive in everyone, showing respect becomes a habit. saying the words ‘I respect you’ is very powerful, but respect really must be earned and demonstrated. If you want to be respected, you must respect others.

#10 I love you
I love you is the powerful phrase that encompasses all the others. the way we feel about people – whether it’s romantic love, family relationship, or even close friendships – is a form of love. some people never say this word to anyone else, because they can’t bring themselves to say what they feel, or perhaps they don’t take the time or to make the effort. love is all around us. we need to look for and nurture love – for our God who blesses us richly, for marriages, for families, friends and for our communities. let’s not just think about saying ‘I love you’ and regret later that we didn’t say it.

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